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PC Felix offers exclusive genuine software at an affordable price. All the trending Microsoft products sealed in an original box are waiting for you to purchase and install on your computer.

About PC Felix

PC Felix is a rapidly expanding e-commerce company founded in 2021. We are a company that specializes in the reselling of computer software. We can offer our customers the best prices and the highest quality of service because we work with the best software suppliers. We are actively working on our software products catalog, and we will soon be adding new trending software products to the store. Our top priorities are genuine software, fast delivery, secure payments, and professional customer support, and we will continue to improve our services until we reach the best. We value our customer feedback and we do our best to make you a satisfied customer. You can leave us feedback if you like our services.

PC Felix Software

At PC Felix we purchase software only from authorized resellers, and we stand behind the high quality of the products that we offer. PC Felix only sells physical copies of software products that have not been opened and are still sealed in the original box with security stickers. If there is a problem with the software that has been delivered, please contact our customer support team.

PC Felix values each and every customer, which is why we never overprice our software and always have the lowest prices available online. We will always replace the software that you purchased from PC Felix if there is a problem with the installation media or the activation code. In a situation that you experience any difficulties while installing and activating your purchased software, please contact the PC Felix customer care support and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.


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PC Felix Resellers Program

Software resellers, as well as individual customers, are important to PC Felix. If you are a software reseller or want to become one, please contact us and explain in a few words what software products you need and where you plan to sell them. As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will send you more information about our reseller program.

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